Thursday, 11 July 2013

Making Art

Yesterday and today I have been using my time to colour a canvas. I wouldn't classify myself as an artist but can say I'm a little closer now. Time well spent.

For this particular piece of art, all you need to do is pick a favourite quote, paint an undercoat, stick plastic/vinyl letters onto the dry undercoat, paint over everything in a solid colour, let it dry and peel off the letters to reveal your masterpiece.

Everyone should give this a try.


  1. The quote on one of my desk calendars for July 10 is: 'Faith looks back upon the past, for her battles have strengthened her and her victories have given her courage. She remembers that God never has failed her'. I would replace 'faith' with 'Teagan', because of her faith in her loving Saviour she can say all those things with absolute confidence.
    God bless you, your home and your homesickness.

    1. Thankyou so much! Thankyou for your support and prayers. I am saving that quote for sure. XX