Friday, 25 January 2013

Lauren P

Lauren P. I have know this girl for fifteen of my twenty years. Throughout our life we have shared the ups and downs of living. 

It started on the first day of reception in 1998. Our teacher would have us line up for chapel in pairs - we always were buddies. We were the founders of the CC club (abbrev. for Cool Club) which would meet regularly to eat CC's and talk coolness, collected these cute bears, we would stay up until 11pm at sleepovers and feel rebellious, we adored the same boy during junior school, were a great shooting team in netball, joined each other in tennis and she always would bring the competitiveness out in me - in grade one, while I was still reading moderate picture books, Lauren was up to short novels... I may have skipped a few pages to get to the same level as her {guilty face}. We were two peas in a pod. Grade three we became a trio with Amy and were inseparable as we continued our sleepovers, sport and friendship.

Grade four I was split from Lauren and Amy at school. I was in a different class, different teacher and we were all making new friends. It happened all so suddenly that eventually our close friendship was just a memory. Grade eight, Lauren and I attended different high-schools. We were big kids now. 

Halfway through year nine my english, maths and art class gained a student - It was Lauren! From that moment our friendship was re-built. We started where we left off, as though we never were distant. We saw each other regularly, wrote each other letters, had a joint 16th birthday party, laughed a lot and continued netball and tennis together. We often reminisce about the english lesson we finished an entire block of chocolate, just the two of us. It certainly was yummy, however, for Lauren's following birthday, I gave her an apple. We attempted healthy eating a number of times together. On one occasion we went to the shop to purchase a piece of fruit with the lowest calories = grapefruit. We were so proud of ourselves that our afternoon snack wouldn't give us the guilt's  To our disgust, the fruit tasted gross so we decided to cover it with sugar and finish it off. Healthy eating fail. 

Until this day, Lauren is my best friend. A girl who is the closest thing to a sister. Someone I can share anything with. We have cried, laughed, been stubborn, agreed and disagreed together. I love Lauren for her commitment, passion, advice, listening ear, humour, opinions, selflessness and most of all her friendship. I can not count the occasions she has been by my side in happy and sad times. I love this girl more than a dog loves his bone. Looking forward to our lives ahead. 


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  2. Beautiful ladies....may this special friendship continue until you are grey and wrinkly. Love you both x x

  3. We certainly plan on many more years of fun and memories :) X

  4. I'm sure that you and Lauren would agree with Kahlil Gilbran who wrote: 'In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures'.