Sunday, 20 October 2013

16 Reasons Mr.J Deserves A Dozen Cupcakes

#1 For letting me experience, fall in love with and crave his egg and bacon specialty #2 For making a yellow unicycle with glow in the dark wheels look so fun #3 For having a greater love for dishwashing liquid and a sponge than me #4 For introducing me to the scrummiest ice-cream that doesn't create dishes #5 For encouraging my dreams, even if I don't know what they are #6 For letting me ask one hundred and one questions during a movie, although I know it must frustrate him like a mosquito in an ear #7 For researching how to make candles because he thinks I would be good at it #8 For being an awesome prayer partner and advice giver #9 For being my selfless wingman and accompanying me to markets such as this one #10 For being a gentleman and opening every car and building door for me #11 For having the best hiding spots for our travelling journal #12 For providing me with blankets and tissues when I'm blowing my nose more than an elephant #13 For conversations reminding me what I have to be thankful for #14 For introducing me to vanilla coffee while late night assignment writing #15 For making a baseball uniform look so attractive #16 For loving and forgiving me everyday of the week.

So flipping excited to share a home and a life with this incredible man.
Only one hundred and four sleeps to go.


  1. It's good for the soul to remind oneself of their partners good points and why they are so lucky to have them in their life. Love it, Teags xx

    1. I agree! Thank you for reading : )