Sunday, 1 September 2013

Hello Football, Goodbye Aami Stadium

Mr J and I put on our teal, black and white and boarded the footy bus to Aami Stadium for the frist time this year and last time forever. Thankyou to P,L,B & L for Jamie's birthday tickets!
The sun was too friendly for the first half of the game and was always jumping in our eyes, but the second half it disapeared so we could watch the nail biting finish. Unfortunatly we lost by one point but I'm ready to cheer GO POWER! in the finals.

Great day!


  1. Glad you could be part of history - I will create history, too, as I support Power in the finals.

  2. Unfortunatley the Power didn't make it through but I'm sure it was a good game to watch for everyone else!