Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Melbourne Long Weekend

DAY ONE - seventh of June
After a day at work, MrJ dropped Mum, Dad, Nathan and I at the airport for our 10:00pm flight to Melbourne. Airports bring back so many memories from this trip. We arrived in melbourne close to midnight, where we waited for our shuttle and scooted through the traffic to our hotel. This may be the last time I sleep in the same room as my family, I’m excited. 

DAY TWO - eighth of June
It was surreal to be waking up in Melbourne this morning. We went for a stroll to find some breakfast, where I had my first (of a few) chai lattes for the weekend. We detoured past some stunning, old buildings on the way. 

The day also consisted of tram and shuttle rides, shopping at this big market and a visit to the aquarium

We finished the night at the Crown precinct for dinner, followed by some time in the Casino with other local Lobethians we found. It was a wonderful, massive family day. 
DAY THREE - ninth of June
We had every excuse to take our time to get out of bed this morning, because we are on holidays!! . Today we caught a taxi to harbour town and the shopping time began! After a couple hours we caught the shuttle bus to etihad stadium for West Coast Eagles vs St Kilda. The roof was shut but a sneaky breeze still had us shaking, however, we had great seats and a nail biting game to watch. 

We finished the night in the hotels cafe for dinner and had an early night for an early flight the next morning. 

I wouldn't have asked for anyone else to spend this great little time away with. I heart family! 

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  1. 'Gratitude is the best attitude' (author unknown);
    and shopping is good for the soul (MMK).