Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Similar to yesterday, we did more driving today. Mr J and I sat at the front of the bus, the best spot on the coach due to the extra leg room and 180 degrees view. We were also the first to see a black bear cub on the side of the road. Cute! I've named him Baxter. We stopped for breakfast and lunch before entering Vancouver, our last destination for Contiki. Our bus driver took us around the streets while our tour guide pointed out the important and interesting attractions and landmarks. One of the sights was where the 2010 Olympic opening and closing ceremony was held. We stopped at the Indian Totem Poles for photos too. We are staying at a similar hotel to last night, it is very nice and within walking distance to almost everything {worth seeing}. Mr J and I enjoyed touching base with some family tonight over skype, we are extremely blessed to have them in our lives. Mr J is currently enjoying the fresh water of our hotel pool. It is very close to bed time for me - it's surprising how tiring driving can be! Nighty-night.

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