Sunday, 10 March 2013

A Weekend Started Well

What a weekend so far! Joyful. Blessed.

Friday night at 10:30pm, Mr J and I drove two whole hours to Pt Victoria to enjoy the company of wonderful friends and to R-to-the-ELAX. We watched movies, the boys let the fish eat their bait, we paddled, ate, laughed, admired the sunset and sat. It was great. 10:00am this morning we returned home for Mr J to earn dollars.

I got home and.... Golly Mac Dolly!! Check out what my inspiring father made me. Yep, a door turned into a desk! I'm in love. Who knew my little bedroom could squeeze in an office?!

Long weekends are fabulous, still two more days to do whatever.
What are you doing during this autumn heat?


  1. Trying to keep cool in this heat is hard as our evaporative airconditioner is not made for the humidity.

    Sounds like you had a jouous and happy weekend...
    'All who would win joy, must share it; happiness was born a twin.' {Lord Byron]

  2. I'm sure you are enjoying the cooler weather now Nan!