Sunday, 10 February 2013

Tummy-filling Weekend

Mr J and I ventured here Friday night. A place where freshness comes in all shapes and sizes. We then walked around the city with no plans to eventually find Yvonne's Yiros Cafe at 9:00pm for dinner. No regrets.

Saturday night was lovely too. Mr J and I had a dinner date with D&B. Two inspirational people and great friends who we hadn't seen for six months, yet it felt like yesterday. We discovered, not only have Mr J and D's friendship been going strong for seventeen years but that they also share the same talent to tune every word and action out while watching the television. It must be a 'man thing'! D&B shared their marriage experiences with us as we shared our excitement for our big day. Amazing food, amazing company and a very fast three hours gone. I would go back here for a cherry ripe {dessert} pizza any day.

Today there was no dinner dates, however, there was church, relaxing and craft. After a wonderful, social and tummy-filling weekend I dusted off the sewing machine and made it a craft day. Productivity was formed when I finished the decorations for some celebrations approaching. 

Weekend over and out. 

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  1. Can't help but thank God for all the market gardeners who work so hard to provide us with lovely, fresh fruit and vegetables.
    Lord, fill my life with peace and contentment wherever I am and with whatever I have, for you are the wise and gracious provider of all good things. Amen